Hello, fellow tapeworms! [heh heh.] This is the homepage for the Burroughs' Tape Recorder Yahoo! club. I made this club because while there are some Burroughs clubs out there, there wasn't really a place to discuss and try out the cutup techniques of Burroughs and Brion Gysin. This home page, I hope, will end up being a place to put all the writings, artwork, ideas, and anything else that the club may want up. If you want something here, email it to me, or post it at the club site. Members, please send in anything you want to put up here! Also, any contact info, links, or bio information you might want included. If you're not a member, then JOIN damnit! We need you! And please don't be shy about sending stuff, anybody.

Anybody interested in reading my essay on the importance of the cutup and other experimental writing techniques, click here.

Also, the Tape Recorder also has a webring, for any of you members or nonmembers with cutup, collage, WSB, or Gysin -related sites. And check out the links on the left side of the screen, I'll have more up later I promise.

The most recent addition to this site was the Quantum Writing Generator. I wrote the program based on an idea by jakearoo posted at the the interzone coffee house yahoo! club. It is a text scrambler/encoding device, but i will add new features soon.



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