Irrelevent Response Tape Recorder Machine:

Click here to use the machine.

Revised! You don't have to push buttons anymore! It now reloads, which will allow me to add as many quotes as I can possibly type up seamlessly. To change a tape, click on the tape number at the top.

This program is designed to perform one of the tape recorder experiments described by William Burroughs in The Ticket That Exploded. It has been roughly tested, I'm not sure exactly how hight the Javascript requirements are for people to use it. The "tapes" now available are Doctor Benway, William Burroughs, Hassan i Sabbah, the Interzone Professor, L. Ron Hubbard, and of course the Irrelevent Response Tape [which by definition should be tape recorder 3]. The first five are actual quotes from the people/characters they're named after, the sixth "Irrelevent Response" tape, with random quotes form anywhere/one. I am working on one that will cut up the regular quotes to give each of the quote tapes a more bizarre counterpart. If you have any questions/comments, or experience any problems, please press reload at any time to see the email link and report them. Thanks,
--coolcat (

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