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does anyone have any advice on a good tape recorder to use for cut-ups, I want one that will overlay, and intercut...or should I just use two recorders,like i'm doing now, any help will be greatly appreciated..

Re: Tape recorders.... -- BeatLit (47/M/Cuthbert, GA) 7/13/00 11:49 am Here are two economical options. Both are good quality for music and the spoken word, but don't plan on mastering your CD on either. Each are 4-track, which means you can either layer two sources in stereo or you should be able to patchcord 4 sources mono. The Fostex has a built-in mic, like a regular tape recorder, both will take external mic/source.

Tascam Porta-02

Fostex X-14

Use these links and I get some of your money. Or keep your eye out for second-hand ones, pawnshops, whatever, and keep the money all to yourself. Sure. Fine.

Brand new, you shouldn't have to spend more than $150 for any 4-track analog machine. The digital option has really brought the prices down. Have fun. I still use two-tape decks, patchcords, and lots of profanity.