Brion Gysin's Dreamachine

NOTE: anagrammatic poem. Notice not only does every line have the same number of letters, every line has the exact same combination of letters in a different order.

Hey! I'm a boring rancidness. 
I'm a shy, sardonic beginner.
Hey! brain on grim  acidness. 
Hybrid   egomaniac   sinners. 

I am re-encoding shy brains.
Ya! abhorring dim  niceness.
Grey-haired  snobs in manic
Magic by   inane horridness. 

Hybrid   sinner  egomaniacs,
I am  rich beyond angriness.
Sneering  body  in charisma 
Abhorring  and  icy nemesis.

Oh My! sneering acid brains.
Hybrid  egomaniac   sinners.
By  dreaminess or  chaining. 
Ya!  disharmonic  beginners. 

I'm heroic and by angriness
Abhorring seedy,  manic sin.
Shy, inbred,orgasmic, inane
Brainy,  cheering on sadism. 

Yeah! I'm boring rancidness.
Bossy charming, dire, inane.
By  a disharmonic s neering,
Brainy  considering  shame.