An Interpretation of Richard Corey in Nadsat

inspired by edward arlington robinson's "richard corey" and anthony burgess' "a clockwork orange." :P

Whenever Richard Corey ittied townwards, O my brothers, We vecks on the pavement viddied him: He was a chelloveck from nogas to gulliver, Always cheested, and imperially like slim. And his platties were always in the height of fashion And he always govoreeted like a droog. But still he fluttered ptitsas' pulses when he said, "What's it going to be then, eh?" as he ittied through. And he had carmans full of pretty polly, And he was skolliwolled real horrorshow, By Bog, we ponied that he was every vesch, To make us like wish that we were in his like mesto. So on we worked, and waited for the light, And ittied without the eggiweg, and cursed the lomtick, And Richard Cory, one flip dark warm summer nochy, Ittied homeways and put a bullet through his gulliver, And all that cal.