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If genomes are like books, then scientists can now read most of
the words, or genes, of several organisms. But to understand the
story, scientists will have to learn how those words fit together
into sentences--that is, what the genes do and how their
instructions are carried out. A team of scientists has now
embarked on this path by studying the interactions of the protein
products encoded by a set of genes in the worm C. elegans, whose
genome has now been sequenced. Using a new method that should
make it possible to investigate the "grammar" of the entire worm
genome, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer
Center in Charlestown, Mass., focused on the 27 genes known to be
involved in the development of the vulva. As described in a
report in the journal Science, they were able to map known and
possible new protein interactions and annotate about 100
previously uncharacterized gene products. In a related
commentary, a researcher Stanford University Medical Center in
Stanford, Calif., points out that a protein interaction map for
the worm should clear the way to finding similar interactions in
mammals, given that they share many of the same genes.

DATAWHORE SEZ: it possible to actually experience words of onez 1st language without automatically "understanding"/interpreting them? is all so automatic and unconscious in a hear and understand one's own lingo...but can we disengage that process without it being commensurate with what is termed types of madness?? think
about it and you realise just how deeply we are enslaved to is really hard to imagine encountering language without immediately identifying with it thru conditioned has something to do with how "real" one assumes the words our ideas of time - ie Y2k/millennium bug etc - we have to know deeply that these are conditioned and transient maps...not at all profound...words are not what they describe, we get that easily enuff...intellectually...but can we really act that knowing? this whole Y2K bamboozle has really got me wondering...everything is pretty much the same...we all wanted something/anything to shift...but...nada ;) makes us see how fake it all was/is...the constructions of belief in the possibility that invented change can be real change...we are all hiding behind something...!