william burroughs and brion gysin

  • interzone academy
  • yahoo club: interzone coffee house
  • literary kicks
  • wsb trivia quiz
  • burroughs postcards
  • - includes a burroughs tribute
  • Ghost of William S. Burroughs
  • William S. Burroughs []
  • Cosmic Baseball Association: William Burroughs
  • William S. Burroughs Spoken Word Recordings
  • WSB's Cutup Method
  • William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin
  • William S. Burroughs Ate My Balls
  • William S. Burroughs Files
  • A Thanksgiving Prayer


  • Cutup cool cutup machine which allows you a lot of control over how it works. customizable variable on chunk size, customizable or random link input (optional), nice examlple of burroughsian-cgi-programming ( :) just coined a term! :) ).
  • machine which allows you to cut yourself in with wsb, wsb primer on this site also.
  • Cutup machine @ cgi machine. you can cut up a detergent label, the ren and stimpy "log" song, or your own text.
  • the travesty machine--cutup machine. haven't really tried this one much yet.
  • - very cool. download cutup-type programs. mac and pc.
  • watchers--these people make random sentences from random stuff.
  • Binda23's cutup machine--on BINDA23's site, code by chiki. nice javascript cutup machine that randomizes location of individual words (as opposed to chunks).
  • the shredder - cuts up entire webpages! cool.
  • quantum writing generator: code by coolcat, idea by jakearoo42.--right now it's a scrambling device (read wsb's THE ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION) the encodes and decodes. working on other features for this.
  • irrelevent response machine--a tape recorder project described by william buroughs in THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED and THE ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION. code by coolcat. seven "tapes" now avaible, playback is any three at a time. tapes include: wsb, ginsberg, l ron hubbard, doc benway, interzone professor, irrelevent response, and hassan i sabbah.
  • anagram genius--will anagram any text and email it to you. Mainly they're trying to sell their software. Go to the links below to get your text back instantly.
  • Anagram Links
  • Anagram
  • Anagram Webring
  • Anagram Server
  • Dawn's Baby Name Anagrams--kind of neat if your anagramming names. It will give you "real" anagrams or names with most of the letters.
  • The Anagram Engine


  • the tape recorder's online dreamachine - uses animated gifs.
  • coolcat's dreamachine made with a fan motor
  • of info, many different dreamachine plans.
  • online dreamachine at


  • cut upz BINDA23
  • datawhore--recordings
  • datawhore--recordings
  • Entangled Information (spoken word)
  • Entangled Information (spoken word)


  • cut ups-binda23
  • Psychic Sex and Psychedelics, a novel by a. lojac


  • Mind Uploading Homepage